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Merchant Partnership: Provide financing options directly to your customers

EveryStreet's Merchant Partner Program (MPP) provides small and medium sized businesses with funding options that they can offer directly to their business customers, including loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances and other facilities. Signing up is free, and we compensate each of our merchant partners each time a lending facility is funded.
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How it works

Providing Financing Options to Your Customers is Quick and Efficient
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    Sign Up

    Signing up with EveryStreet is quick and completely free. You choose the marketing plan that will best reach your customers (web, email, AR, direct), and EveryStreet provides the content and delivery method.

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    Customers Apply

    Your company sends EveryStreet's information to your customers, and they fill out a basic application. Our platform then connects your customers with the best financing options for their business.

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    Get Paid

    Your small business customers choose the best funding option from our responsible list of finance providers to make sure they have the cash they need. We share a portion of our revenue directly with you.

Case Studies

Here are a few small businesses we've partnered with to offer financing options to customers.

Leverage your brand

Companies like Amazon, Uber, Shopify, DoorDash, and even Walmart are starting to offer financial options to their customers—why not you? Offering financing options is no longer for the large companies or unicorn startups, anyone can do it. FinTech has changed the lending landscape and has made it more accessible for everyone, both borrowers and lenders.
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Use our platform to provide financing directly to your customers

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We help small businesses expand into the world of FinTech. The term FinTech has become this ubiquitous phrase to describe technology in the financial service industry and touches almost every aspect of our financial lives. FinTech is really the democratization of finance. Consumers and businesses are now empowered to make their own decisions, control their data, and choose how they engage with the overall financial ecosystem.
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Small Business Owner
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Flexible financing options

We can white label financing options or make it a direct partnership. We can also help businesses finance their own customers purchases (say, you’re a food distributor, we help a restaurant finance their order with the distributor). We connect customers with financing options custom made to fit any credit bucket.
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Why EverySteet?

We help companies develop new options to offer their customers. It’s an added benefit and another way for companies to further engage with their customers. Helping business customers get financing frankly helps them stay in business and continue being your customer. Offering financing options to your customers can also be a significant revenue generator for your business.
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Small Business Owner

Learn more about our custom lending options

EveryStreet is the leader in merchant lending solutions for B2B companies in the United States. Via our merchant partnership program, we provide small and medium size businesses with access to lending options that they can offer to their business customers for every capital need. The best part, signing up is free, and we compensate each of our merchant partners each time a lending facility is funded.

Ready to learn more? Fill out the form and our team will reach out to set up your custom lending platform for all of your clients, customers or members. Need funding for your business? Apply now.

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