Business Loans – Banks Vs EveryStreet

Navigating the world of business loans can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs and business owners. With a myriad of options available, it’s crucial to make an informed decision that best suits the needs of your business. 

Two popular avenues for securing business loans are traditional banks and modern, digital platforms like EveryStreet. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison between these two routes, focusing on key aspects such as the application process, variety of lending options, speed of funding, and personalized solutions.

Traditional Banks Vs EveryStreet

AspectTraditional Bank LendingEveryStreet Alternative
Application ProcessInvolves a comprehensive and time-consuming process, requiring numerous documents, business plans, financial statements, and personal financial details. A rigorous credit check is performed, which can impact credit score.Simplified and quick application process that does not impact credit score.
Lending OptionsOffers a limited range of loan products with rigid and predefined terms and conditions. May not cater to the unique needs of every business.Provides access to a wide network of over 70 lenders, offering a diverse range of funding options tailored to specific business needs.
Speed of FundingThe approval process can take weeks or months, which can be detrimental for businesses in need of urgent funding.Offers rapid funding, with businesses receiving funds as quickly as 24 hours after selecting an offer.
Personalized SolutionsMay fall short in offering personalized financing solutions due to the standardized nature of their loan products.Emphasizes providing personalized funding solutions, supported by dedicated funding managers.


The choice between securing a business loan through a bank or EveryStreet depends on various factors, including the urgency of funding, the need for a personalized loan solution, and the preference for a streamlined application process. 

While banks offer the security and familiarity of traditional lending, EveryStreet provides a modern, efficient, and flexible alternative. Entrepreneurs should consider their specific needs, the speed at which they require funding, and the level of personalized service they desire when making this critical decision.

In the end, the goal is to select a financing route that not only meets the immediate needs of your business but also aligns with its long-term growth and success strategy. 

Whether through a traditional bank or a digital platform like EveryStreet, understanding the nuances of each option will empower you to make the best choice for your business.